Monday, May 8, 2017

Wedding Day!


I don't post much around these parts anymore, but I just wanted to do a quick recap of our wedding day!  Tony and I got married on 02/25/17, at Nichols Community Center in Fox Island, WA.  The venue is a really cool old building that was a schoolhouse in the 1920's.  It still has the original chalkboards on the walls, which I love.

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We kept our guest list pretty small, about 70 people.  For the most part it was just our immediate families and our closest friends from high school and college.  We decided not to have bridesmaids or groomsmen, so Chloe was my Jr. Bridesmaid and it was adorable!

As with all weddings, there were of course plenty of things that went wrong that day. 1) Tony was sick with a pretty bad sinus infection so he struggled a bit. 2) I didn't give myself enough time to get ready that morning, which meant rushing to do my hair & makeup last minute. 2) I was planning to make my bouquet that morning (I'd already made Chloe's smaller version and loved how it turned out), but due to me running behind, Tony helped me out big time by throwing it together last minute (and it looked great!). 3) I didn't plan on so many of our guests showing up to the venue close to an hour early, so when we did a quick 10 minute run-through with our officiant prior to the ceremony, there were a lot of guests peaking there heads in, which kinda stressed me out a bit. 4) Little things got missed in the shuffle, like the champagne never got set out during cocktail hour (the caterer assumed it was for a toast at the end of the night, which was my fault for not giving better instructions), and the veggie platters were set out without the ranch dip. 5) We left our hotel room key at the venue so we ended up staying in a different hotel room (the one I got ready in).  It was no biggie except that the other room was fancier and I never got to see it, plus it had our overnight bags so we couldn't get them until the next morning. 6) We were both way too hungover (and sick, in Tony's case!) to make it to the brunch we'd planned the next morning. Oops!!

Luckily, everything else went perfectly, so the good definitely outweighed the bad. Our DJ was amazing and the music was perfect.  My Day of Coordinator was such a huge help with keeping us on schedule and flipping the room during cocktail hour.  Our caterer was amazing and her staff went above and beyond helping out with things that weren't even in their contract.  The clean-up crew got their part done without a hitch.

And of course, our photographer was absolutely amazing to work with!  I love how the photos turned out. It was such an amazing day filled with our favorite people, and I really couldn't have asked for anything more.

Tony's bouquet!!