Monday, April 13, 2015

It's April again!

Hi, friends!!

I randomly decided to look at the ol' blog today, and noticed the last time I posted was almost exactly a year ago today!  So crazy, right?  I guess that means its time for a new post.

I was so into this whole blog thing when I first started out, but then life got in the way (a.k.a. I got really busy at work and no longer had free time to write new posts).  I wish I could tell you I have a bunch of awesome house updates to share with you, but unfortunately we've been moving at a snail's pace.  Mainly with boring things like painting trim, replacing doors, new toilets, you get the picture.  Nothing super exciting or photo-worthy, but still important.

I still love decorating (and always stop at the home section at Target!), but I'm not quite as obsessed as I was a few years ago.  I rarely look at the home decor blogs I used to love so much.  I guess I've realized that making real, live updates to a house is so much harder than creating inspiration board on Pinterest, and it kind of took the fun out of it for me!  I know that seems obvious, but I really sort of just lost my steam when it came to decorating.  So I guess I'm taking a "time out" for a little while.

But here's what I've been doing in the meantime.  I won't bore you with a year's worth of pics, but here are some of my favorite memories:

"Friendsgiving" at Nathan & Laura's house.  It was a potluck-style early Thanksgiving celebration in October, and I can't remember the last time I was so full.  The food was amazing!!  And I love, love, love the table set up!  It was perfection.

The gang!

In November I got to fly to San Francisco for a work conference, which I loved.  I never get to travel for my job, so it was a new experience for me.  The hotel was amazing!  I only stayed two nights and was working each day so I sadly didn't get to explore the city.  I definitely want to go back with Tony, because SF is awesome!

Hotel selfie!
The view from the top of my hotel.  Such a gorgeous city!

Christmas was very eventful this year, as always.  On Christmas morning we had Tony's family over for breakfast, and I had fun setting up the table.

And of course, we watched many, many Seahawks games this year.

On our way to the Superbowl party.

Last month a group of us stayed at a cabin near Mt. Baker for a friend's birthday.  Sadly, the weather didn't cooperate and we weren't able to go snowboarding, but we had a lot of fun playing games, walking through the woods, drinking, and watching movies.

A nature preserve near the cabin.  So pretty!!
Posing by the river.

 A few weeks ago I went on a much-needed girl's trip to Leavenworth.  This trip was so much fun.  We went to a few wineries, cooked some meals at the rental house, and relaxed by the river.

And one more random pic because I love it!

Lil' monkey!