Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Our $10 Dresser

About a month ago, Tony and I found this midcentury-modern dresser at a neighbor's moving sale for $10.  I didn't think much of it at first, but Tony loves that style of furniture, and it was such a steal! We couldn't resist.  

Per usual, I turned to google for inspiration on what to do with it, and I found this picture.  Love!!


We have loads of white paint leftover from other projects, so all we had to buy was some primer and some dark stain for the drawers and legs.  There were also a few spots where Tony had to use wood putty and do some heavy sanding.

I love how it turned out, but once we brought it into the house and out of the dimly-lit garage, it was obvious that the drawers still need more sanding and stain.  They're not quite dark enough for my taste!

But let's be honest... it will probably stay just like this!

The dresser lives in what we call the "guitar room" right now, which was actually intended as the formal dining room.  I'd love to put a rug underneath it at some point, just to add some contrast between the legs and the floor.  Maybe some faux fur?  And we're still deciding what to put on top of it.

I'm thinking maybe a vintage globe?

 Some faux antlers?


We also plan to do a gallery of frames covering most of the wall above the dresser.

How would you decorate this dresser?

P.S. Tony thinks it's a great idea to place this giant, creepy head on top of the dresser!

I said absolutely not!  He thinks it's funny to place this hideous thing all over our house.  First it was in our kitchen, then it was in our master bathroom, and now he thinks it's going to reside on the dresser, front and center.  And clearly from this photo, Chloe loves Mr. Head so I'm starting to worry that I'm outnumbered!

A little back-story on Mr. Head:  Tony found it years ago at some estate sale.  Apparently a high-school student made it in art class, and it's supposed to be a character from the 1970's tv show "Kung Fu".  *sigh*  If only Tony had never gone to that estate sale that day....