Saturday, May 21, 2011

a zebralicious mirror makeover.

The other day I decided to stop at Goodwill on my way home from work to see if they had any canvases that I could paint over (I was in a creative mood). Sadly, they didn't have any canvases, but they did have a nice sized mirror that I knew I could paint black and hang in the living room. Then I remembered my sister's birthday was coming up, and she LOVES zebra-print, so I decided to paint zebra stripes on it for her.

The $6.99 mirror was a hideous bright green color, splattered with white blotches. It wasn't smooth either. It had a really odd texture all over it, but I was hoping that since I was going to do zebra stripes instead of a solid color, the pattern would help disguise the bumpy texture.

I also stopped at Fred Meyer and grabbed some sandpaper, some blue painters tape, three different sized paint brushes, a Polycrylic spray in Clear Gloss, and a small can of black paint (I already had a gallon of white paint at home that I could use).

The first thing I did was cover my table in newspaper. Then I laid the mirror down flat and started sanding down the texture as best I could, without using an actual sander (because power tools scare me!!). The sandpaper didn't make a huge difference, but the wood felt a bit smoother.

Next, I used the painters tape to tape around the perimeter of the mirror, to keep from getting any paint on it. Then I used the large brush to apply two coats of white paint. I was sure to let the first coat dry overnight before applying the second.

Once the second coat was dry, I used a black sharpie to draw in the outline of the zebra stripes. Since I'm no artist, I googled "zebra mirror" and printed out one that I liked, and copied those stripes as best I could.

Next, I used one of the smaller brushes to fill in the stripes with black paint. This also took two coats, even three in some places that looked a little splotchy. I also used the wider brush to paint the edges of the mirror black.

Once I was happy with the paint coverage, I used the Polycrylic spray to add a coat of shine. But first, I covered the mirror itself with newspaper so that the spray didn't get on the glass. I did a second spray the next day for a more high-gloss finish.

Lastly, I removed the blue tape and scraped any paint off the mirror with a razor blade. And, voila!! Behold, the finished project:

My sister loved it, and hung it in her bathroom above her zebra towels. How Jerseylicious of her!!

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