Thursday, July 14, 2011

chloe’s new bedroom: chapter two

Last week, Tony’s mom was nice enough to order a bedding set online for Chloe as one of her birthday presents. She showed it to me before ordering it, to make sure I liked it. It was bright green with tiny white polka dots. As some of you know, I had originally planned to get Chloe a pink comforter, as shown here. But I figured the green would still work with my original color scheme, plus Chloe really digs polka dots. But sadly, the green bedding was sold out, so she ended up ordering this turquoise set:

Well that really threw a wrench in things! Don’t get me wrong, I love turquoise. It just meant that I had to come up with a whole new color scheme. My first thought was to eliminate the pink, and do a turquoise and green theme, inspired by this nursery.

As I was browsing pictures online, I thought about adding hints of purple as well. And maybe blue. These four colors together started to remind me of something...

Hello, peacock!!

Because Chloe is just a kiddo, the colors will be a bit more bright and cheery than the average peacock. But I love the combo and I even found some wall art on Etsy that I think would help tie everything together.

And I decided it must be fate, because the next time I saw Chloe, she handed me a picture she colored of a peacock! Random, right?

These are some fun accessories I liked as well. The green and white throw pillow is from my original color scheme. I just love it so much and am determined to find a way to use it! The purple pillow and turquoise lamp are both from Target, and the curtains are from Walmart. The colored lanterns and purple chair are just images I found online.

Stay tuned to see how things actually turn out!


  1. Very very cute and I love the turquoise polka dots!

  2. i love this - you are doing a great job working around the turquoise! and that is so weird that she drew a peacock!!


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