Monday, August 22, 2011

it's (almost) moving time.

In preparation for our big move to Gig Harbor next Saturday, Tony and I took a truck over to my place in Ballard to pack up as many of my things as possible so that we won’t have to make multiple trips next weekend.

Tony described filling up the back of truck as "playing a big game of Tetris". I'm great at Tetris, but not so great at packing, so I left most of that up to him! Believe or not, this picture shows almost all of my belongings! The only things missing are my bed, dresser, and TV which we’ll grab next weekend.

We hauled everything back to Tony’s place in Puyallup so that we could transfer it into a trailer along with most of Tony’s things.

The whole process went pretty smoothly, thanks to this little helper...

...who was very quick to strike a pose once she spotted the camera!

Can’t forget to pack the bicycle!

Or to pack Chloe!

It was a scorching 86 degrees out, and we were all exhausted by the time we were done. I definitely could have used a nap!

But these two weren’t too exhausted to show off their Top Model skills for the camera:

Chloe already has the "smize" down, Tyra would be proud!

Later that night, Tony and I stained some furniture for Chloe’s room, which I’ll talk about in my next post. To be continued...!


  1. So excited for you...cant wait to see the new place and changes you make...xoxo

  2. I'm just ignoring this post because I'm not ready to accept that you're moving far far away yet. :-(

  3. It's not that far, don't worry! Just about 45 minutes!


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