Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Happy Holidays!

Isn't it crazy that the holidays are almost over?? It feels like you spend so much time and effort getting everything ready, and then BOOM it's over.  But at least we still have NYE!  That's always fun.

We spent Thanksgiving this year at my brother's house.  There were almost 35 people there this time, so there was a lot going on!

Tony and Chloe sharing a post-turkey snuggle.

And here's our lonely Christmas tree.  Next year I'll have to remember to add something else to that corner to liven it up!

After hearing about multiple tree-spider incidents this year, I've thankful for our fake lil' tree.  Although I do miss going to the Christmas tree farms.

I got a little creative this year with the gift tags I made for the presents.

 I didn't realize until gifts were being opened that I forgot to add who they were from. This lead to a lot of:

"Who's this from?  What about this one?  There's no name!"

 "Me!  It's from me!! Over here!"

Oh well, they're still cute!

At the beginning of December, we welcomed Holly into our home.  She's been a fun little addition!

Chloe and I attempted to make cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve.  Let's just say we ended up leaving him a pack of Nutter Butters instead...

I swear I followed the recipe!!!

My good friend Kim had a cocktail/white elephant party this year at her amazing house on the lake. It was fun to get dressed up for once!!

And on Sunday, it finally snowed!  It's actually snowing a lot in this shot, but it just sort of looks like rain in the pic.  Sadly, it didn't stick at all.  But it was still really pretty to watch out the window.

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!! xoxo

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  1. I really like your tree it's pretty! Oh man I am so glad I didn't hear about any spiders in christmas tree stories cause we always get a real tree. That would have made me paranoid haha. It is always fun to get dressed up! We had a similar gift tag incident except ours was that there were none on any of the presents that my mom gave so we had to keep asking her what presents were for who and some of them she had to think about. It was kind of funny. Happy New Year!


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