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thanks so much for stopping by my little piece of this world.

i'm rachael. now here's a little about me.

girlfriend to tony and almost-step-mom to chloe. vegetarian. lover of pinterest. bargain shopper. instagram addict. lover of anything with sprinkles. reality tv fanatic. frozen pizza junkie. lip gloss fiend. i love God, my family and my friends. i'll give anyone a second chance. i work hard but play harder.

that's pretty much me.

this blog started out as a way to share projects tony & i attempt around the house, but over time it's morphed into a blog about whatever inspires me. i love getting new followers, and i love following new blogs. so let me know if you're a new fan and i'll check out your blog as well.

so happy to meet you!


  1. love this pic, so cute, I am a frozen pizza junkie too aaaah!

  2. It sounds so good right now... a big cheesy pizza! Yum. :)

  3. New follower here. Enjoying the blog.


    1. Thanks, Denise! I appreciate it! :)


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