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  1. Hi Rachel, I was looking at Matt Thomson blog and saw the link to yours.
    Are you in the Harbor? I love a lot of the same things. I repurposed enough furniture in one month to fill a store. And that's not even what my business is about but I got hooked on Pinterest and thought. Why not, I can do that, and I did. While trying to run my new business at the same time. And now I'm buying a house to use as a vacation rental and I'm super psyched about decorating it.
    Any way, my name's Abby and I own Abigail's Concierge on Pioneer.

  2. Oh, the one piece I can't use is this adorable green and blue desk with matching chair and shelf that I repurposed. Let me know if you need one for your new house and I'll send you a pic.

  3. Hi Abigail! Thanks for the comments. Yep, I live in the harbor! I love repurposing furniture, it's such a cheap way to get the perfect piece. Congrats on the vacation home!


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