Tuesday, September 13, 2011

the master plan.

It’s time for an update on the master bedroom! I use the term “master” loosely because our bedroom is actually the smaller of the two rooms. That’s right, Chloe got the big room! We chose the smaller room because it has twice the closet space, plus the bigger room works better for storing all of Chloe’s toys. Not to mention the fact that she called dibs on the big room the first time we saw the place!

After we moved in, our bedroom was a bit sad looking. Please ignore the unmade bed and the grittiness of these photos!! I took them on my Blackberry for the sole purpose of showing some friends, and I didn’t plan to share them here. But then I realized I didn’t have any “before” photos on my digital camera, so here you go:

As you can see, not a lot going on. Over the past two weeks we picked up some gray sheets from Target, and some curtains and a sheepskin throw from Ikea. It makes me feel a little icky that we bought real sheepskin instead of faux, but Tony really loved it and it was a good price, so I caved. It does look pretty good, I have to admit!

We also hung a mirror (a Craigslist find that we painted black!) and two shelves above the dresser. Hey look, I even make a cameo appearance in this one!

I’m starting to love the way the room is turning out. But it still needs a pop of color, which is where etsy comes in. The general color scheme will be gray and yellow. We’re going to choose four of these prints to hang above the bed, but we’re still debating which four to get. I love the “Love Lives Cozy Here” picture because I think it’s so fitting for a bedroom, but Tony doesn’t like pictures with words on them.

From Top, Left to Right: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 (similar) / 6

We’re also going to order two of these super fun throw pillows for the bed, also from Etsy. I love these because they incorporate gray and yellow, but also throw in a splash of blue and green.

I’m super excited to see how the room comes together once we add the wall art and throw pillows. Yay, color!



  1. It looks nice - love the pillow and art choices!

  2. Hi Rachel! I found your blog through Sarah's. Hope you don't mind me following along! Iove the colors you chose for your master! It's so fun.

  3. cute! love it so far and will look good w/ the yellow. i have a pic in a magazine.. it's country living i think, oh no, now i gota find it online for you.. anyway, they do yellow/ black / white. it's cute.. yes, yes, it's page 92 in the oct issue, lol.. oh and the sheepskin? is it just he sheep fur stuff?? b/c they have to sheer them anyway so i don't think it's cruel is it???? they sheer them on charlotte's web and looks painless LOL hahaha

  4. Ooh I wanna see the magazine pic! um i'm pretty sure its the skin as well as the fur but i'm just gonna tell myself it's the fur so i don't feel so bad! Haha i justified it to myself at ikea by saying "well the sheep has already been skinned. the least i can do now is buy this so his death wasn't in vain". ha that's so horrible, im such a bad vegetarian!! Chloe has a lamb stuffed animal and she kept putting in on the sheepskin saying "look, they match" and it felt so wrong lol.

  5. omg that is so funny rach! they match lol


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