Thursday, September 8, 2011

stay tuned...

I've been bad. I've been very bad.

I've been so busy settling into our new place that I haven't had a chance to update everyone on our progress! But that doesn't mean you haven't been on my mind. I've taken tons of pictures along the way, and have at least three topics to update y'all about. The problem is, I write mosts of my posts on my lunch break at work, but all of my pictures are on the laptop at home. Combine that with my general laziness and overall tendency to procrastinate, and you can see how this can be a problem. But don't give up on me just yet! Within the next week...or two (hey, just bein' real) you can expect detailed posts about:

*Chloe's room - finally!

*How we made our own coffee table.

*A giant painting we created for the living room.

*Lots of pictures of the new place. (Keep in mind a lot of the rooms are not finished, so no judging the bare walls and lack of accent pillows!!)

I solemnly swear to start working on these posts tonight!! I won't disappoint!

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