Friday, December 28, 2012

friday favorites

Happy Friday! Working only three days a week is pretty awesome, I'm not gonna lie! To spread some end-of-the-week cheer, I’d like to share a few of my current obsessions with you, and hopefully some of you will share yours in return.

#1 - My Summer Raindrops Necklace from Ruche. I love this necklace because it goes with just about everything. It works as a statement necklace without being too overpowering. Seriously, every time I wear it I get at least two compliments on it, sometimes from strangers.

#2 - My XOXO watch. I have a huge crush on rose gold right now, so when I found this watch on Amazon I knew it was the one. Being white makes it so versatile, so I can wear it all the time. And it's made of silicone so it's really comfy.

#3 - Kevin Murphy Angel Wash and Angel Rinse. This is by far my favorite shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo is very mild and doesn’t strip my hair of moisture the way some products do. My absolute favorite part is that they have a distinct smell that reminds me of Pillsbury Orange Sweet Rolls, which were my favorite as a kid. Yum!

#4 - Osis + Dust It Matifying Powder. Oh man, this stuff is life-changing when it comes to pumping up my hair! I used to use hairspray when I teased my roots, but then I read about this stuff from Kate at The Small Things Blog, and my hair routine was forever changed. You just sprinkle it on your roots and tease to your heart’s content. If you hair starts to fall flat throughout the day, you can just massage your roots with your fingers and voilà, your hair is big again. I also love that you can easily brush it out, which is not always the case with hairspray. I’ve also used Powder Play by Big Sexy Hair, which is pretty much the same thing but in my opinion it doesn’t have as much staying power as Osis.
#5 - Tech Touch Gloves from Target.  I honestly wish I would have come up with this genius idea.  Gloves that work on a touch screen!  I can remember last winter clearly, standing outside in the freezing snow waiting for my bus, trying to decide if sending a text was worth taking off my warm toasty gloves.  "If only there was a way to use my touch screen while wearing gloves!"  Well, now there is!  In all honesty, I wore these gloves for over a week before I even realized they were touch-screen compatible.  I'd like to shake the hand of whoever invented these wonderful things.  Now I can check Facebook in the snow and not lose any fingers to frostbite!

So there you have it, a few of my favorite things right now. What are yours?


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