Sunday, June 16, 2013

50 Reasons My Dad Rocks!

June is a big month for my Dad!  Today is Father's Day, next weekend is his birthday, and most importantly, he retired this month!!  He's worked for the same company my entire life, so it's about time he stops working so hard and starts relaxing!

And now, here are 50 reasons that my Dad is the best!
  1. I would always wake up to the smell of his coffee brewing, and to this day that smell still reminds me of him.
  2. He nicknamed my signature move as a little kid “crazy kitty”, which included me spinning around on my hands and knees on the carpet over and over until I got so dizzy I fell over.
  3. He called one of his hands “Spidey” and the other “Snake”, and they would crawl and slither and tickle us when we least expected it.
  4. He would always warm up my car and scrape ice off the windows before school in the mornings.
  5. He sold his motorcycle after he married my mom so they could buy a family van.
  6. He likes his food slightly burnt.
  7. He used to blow dry my hair after a bath if my mom was busy.
  8. He’s always singing made-up songs that usually include our names.
  9. He was (and probably still is) the official trash-taker-outer at our house.
  10. He would make us grilled cheese and soup for dinner if my Mom didn't cook.
  11. He permed his hair in the 80’s!  
  12. He’s only shaved off his mustache once in my entire life.
  13. He plays the drums at my parent’s church.
  14. He’s always the man behind the video camera in our home movies.
  15. He always offered to fill up my car with gas and put air in the tires, even after I moved out and was just there for a visit.
  16. He and my mom have helped me move probably six times.
  17. He’s in a band.
  18. He passed down his goofiness to me.
  19. He was class president of his high school.
  20. He used to sneak us into his work building after hours so we could go to the top and see fireworks on the 4th of July.
  21. He would always swim with us in the ocean, the lake or the pool.
  22. He always puts others before himself.
  23. He would always smooch my mom in the kitchen, which would be followed by a round of “Ewww, gross” from my sister and I, but actually taught me would a healthy marriage should look like.
  24. He calls me “Rachie-Poo”.
  25. He's always the driver on long family road trips.
  26. He never complains about the amount of wallets & ties he’s gotten for Father’s Day or his birthday.
  27. He has a crooked pinky from playing football as a kid.
  28. He loves soaking up the sun while enjoying a delicious beverage.
  29. He has great taste in music, and loves the Beatles, Pink Floyd, UB40 and R.E.M.  Those are the albums I remember growing up to.  Those, and the soundtrack to Footloose.
  30. He used to take us to his office so we could type up our book reports for school, before we had a computer at home.
  31. He gave an amazing speech at my little sister’s wedding, and I can’t wait to hear what’s in store for mine (whenever that may be!).
  32. He always says the prayer before meals during family get-togethers.
  33. He is an awesome Grandpa to his growing number of nieces and nephews!
  34. He used to drop me off at the high school in his truck, “Old Blue”, before I had a car so I didn’t have to take the bus.  He called me his “silent drive partner” since I’m so grumpy and non-social in the mornings.
  35. He loves Snickers and red wine (not necessarily together).
  36. He’s always mowing the lawn in the summer, and the smell of freshly cut grass always reminds me of him.
  37. He was always the person behind the video camera in all our home videos.
  38. He used to bring his work lap top home and let me play on it.
  39. He joined "Indian Princesses" with me when I was little (even though I only went twice because I was too shy!)
  40. He's always tan!
  41. He has a lot in common with Tony and they get along great.
  42. He has a Facebook page.
  43. He is the adventurous type, and does things like white-water rafting and zip-lining.
  44. He has a huge collection of records.
  45. He treats my mom so well!  I don't think I've ever seen them fight.
  46. He raised my older brother and sister as if they were his own.
  47. He has a great sense of humor (it's where I got mine, duh!).
  48. He is Mr. Popular at his church.
  49. He's super easy-going.
  50. He never complains that his birthday and Father's day are usually celebrated at the same time.  Kind of a rip off if you ask me!
And I also want to give a shout out to the other Dad in my life, Tony!  We celebrated today by going out to breakfast and then kayaking around Gig Harbor.  It was so sunny and was the perfect morning!

Happy Father's Day, I love you both!

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  1. love the 50 reasons! and yay for retiring!!!

    1. I'm soooo jealous, I want to retire this month too!

  2. LOVE this! Your dad sounds so awesome. We need more info on this band though. Or videos. Videos work too! :P

    1. Thanks, he is pretty awesome! Haha I will work on securing a video. :)

  3. So so sweet! My dad always had coffee brewin in the am too! And some others of these too hahs, his bday is June 15 so sometimes it falls on Father's Day!!

  4. What a cute blog, just found you! I love that you did this for father's day, what good reasons too! You are inspiring and I can't wait to read more.


    1. Thanks, Ashley! You are too sweet.


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