Thursday, June 27, 2013

what's cookin, good lookin?

Happy Thursday!  Here's a short & sweet post about my latest kitchen ideas.

  • Etsy Print:  AshleeAlaineDesigns.  Love these colors!
  • Hood:  Whirpool.  We have this hood sitting in our garage, just have to install it!
  • Dark brown cabinets:  This was just a random image I found online to show you the color we plan to stain our existing cabinets.
  • White Subway Tile:  Again, a random photo I found, but I'm 99% sure I want this tile for the back-splash.
  • Rug: Urban Outfitters, I actually just ordered this yesterday!
  • Countertops:  The image shown is Martha Stewart Shoreline, but I'm not too picky.  I just want something light-colored, probably gray & white.
  • Kitchen towels: West Elm, so bright and cheery!
  • Fresh Flowers:  A no-brainer, flowers make every room more pretty.

What's your favorite kitchen accessory?



  1. Fresh flowers are great! I want stainless appliances n u can never go wrong w white subway tiile!

    1. Thanks, you are so lucky to have gorgeous wildflowers at your disposal. :)

  2. All beautiful stuff! Can you come decorate my house??

    Fresh flowers and my Kitchen Aid mixer always make me smile

    1. Thanks, glad you like!! But I must admit, I'm much better at making moodboards then I am at actually bringing my visions to life. :)

  3. I can't wait til we buy a house next year so we can go crazy decorating

    1. Ooh I didn't know you were buying next year!! I can't wait to watch you go crazy decorating!


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