Wednesday, May 8, 2013

playing around with the playroom

Today I've been toying around (pun intended) with different color schemes for the future playroom/guestroom, and here's what I've come up with so far.

Paint color: Behr Lagoon // Yellow chair // Pendant Lamp // Alphabet Print
Throw pillow // Ikea Shelf // Pear Print // Map Print

I'm still racking my brain for the perfect color palette for the entire house, but I think I'm going to go with "beachy" colors.  I love the teal color above, and Chloe's bedroom will be a light aqua, which are both very beachy and fun.  I was planning to use some grays as well but now I'm wondering if I should switch to beige to keep things looking warmer?  Or maybe "greige", which is the best of both worlds?

Here are two examples of greige that I think I might like:

And to keep with the beachy feel, I'm envisioning bamboo window treatments and sheer curtains like these on at least a few of the rooms.


So many decisions, so little time!  Have you ever used "beachy" colors in your home?  What are you favorites?

 photo 6aea1961-02ec-4e8e-bd75-c531bef8bfa0_zpseb939cde.jpg


  1. um.
    im obsessed.
    i love that color for your playroom. i want to make a playroom!!!!!
    based on my computer screen, behr mineral gets my vote ;)

    1. I think I prefer the Mineral too... But I will probably end up going with gray, lol. I just love gray! I don't know if I will be happy with beige...or even greige, lol. Glad you like the playroom! How's your nursery coming along?

  2. Mineral looks just like my China Doll! Twinsies.

    Okay, but seriously, I think you should go neutral on all the walls and not go dark. It's SO easy to spruce up and change the colors of rooms when the paint is neutral, 'cuz all you have to do is change the accessories--but if you paint, well then you have to prime ('cuz it's a darker color), and then at least two coats over it to get the color you want... just saying.


    1. Very true! I loved the china doll color but they don't sell Sherwin Williams at Home Depot and I guess I'm too lazy to try to find another paint store. And I don't trust their color matching after my Ben Moore colors came out looking like strangers. I think we made some decisions tonight. Mainly neutrals except we are going with color in Chloe's room and the playroom because they are small rooms and easy to repaint. Thanks for the tips yo!

  3. i like bamboo w/ the white curtains, i would love white curtains but it gets too hot here so we have darker ones to close them and keep the house cool in the HOT summer! if i still lived up there i'd do white or NONE!;)

    1. Oh I never thought about the fact that dark curtains make the room cooler! I want to get white ones in our bedroom, I think.


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