Thursday, May 23, 2013

will we ever be done painting?

The answer to that is a big fat no.  No, we will never be done painting.  In fact, here's a fun little list of what we have left to paint:

  • Hallway
  • Entryway
  • Wainscoting in the hallway
  • Trim in all rooms except two
  • Windowsills in every room
  • Three bathrooms (possibly bathroom cabinets as well)
  • Every door in the house, included the front doors
  • Exterior of the entire house (plus trim!)

Seriously, I never realized how exhausting and time-consuming painting can be!  All you bloggers make it look so dang easy.  To make things worse, I keep finding spots that were missed or imperfections that need to be touched up, but the thought of dragging the paint can, paint tray, paint brush, and painter's tape back out of the garage to fix one tiny spot is making me think that maybe I can choose to live with these mistakes.  If that sounds lazy to you, than you are right.  Lazy I am.

But anyways, we did finish the trim in the master bedroom and Chloe's room last night, so I finally have some before & afters for you.  The "befores" were taken during the day, and the "afters" were taken at night, so please excuse the filthy blinds (which we will be replacing soon!).  It seems like we always finish projects after the sun goes down, and by that time I'm too excited to wait until the next day to snap my "after" pictures.

I'll start with Chloe's room.  The new color is Behr Cool Jazz.  I was originally going to go lighter with Behr Teal Ice, but Tony was afraid it would end up looking like a baby boy's nursery.  I'm honestly not sure if I love this color yet.  It sort of feels like I'm inside a giant mint when I'm standing in her room.  Hopefully once we start decorating, it will grow on me a little more.

It's actually a lot brighter in person than it looks in this photo.  You can tell the color is a bit off by how different the carpet looks in each picture, even though it's the same carpet.  As a reference, here's the color swatch, which is more true to the actual color.

For the master bedroom, we used Martha Stewart Cement Gray, which is the same color we chose for the living room.  We also painted the ceiling and trim white.  They were actually silver in the first picture, if you can believe that.  You can see it if you squint really hard.

I cannot wait to replace those nasty ol' blinds!  Yuck!

We officially move in on Saturday, and I'm so excited!  Even though this means we'll be spending all of Memorial Day Weekend unpacking....and possibly more painting. 

Because, ya know, we will never be done painting.

EDIT: Forgot to mention, we also bought our flooring!!  We made a last minute switcharoo because the flooring we originally wanted had to be special ordered, and we didn't want to wait that long before installing our kitchen appliances.  So after browsing the available options at Home Depot on Monday, we decided to order Hampton Bay laminate in the "Blackened Maple" color.  I didn't think I'd like floors that dark, but after viewing some photos online I decided I love it!

Can't wait to install it have Tony install it!

 photo 6aea1961-02ec-4e8e-bd75-c531bef8bfa0_zpseb939cde.jpg


  1. I feel ya! Painting sucks. I'm so glad when we bought our first house last March, we had professionals paint the entire house. Well, the interior. Now, I'm working on painting the exterior. I've been priming our front door for the past 345983045834058 days.

    Looks great. Cannot wait to see the finished product. :-)

    1. Was it expensive to have pros paint for you?? That sounds awesome. I am not looking forward to painting the exterior!!

    2. Yeah, girl, it was pretty expensive. Thinking back on it, I wish we would've done some [price] shopping around first. $2,000+ for them to paint the entire house and restain the wood trim.

      Grab some of your closet friends and have a painting party. ;-)

  2. i have to paint our entire house. all of our trim is wood and i want it white. NOW. we plan to do our bedroom, our guest room, our kitchen and entire main floor. but our ceilings are like balls high. 20ft i dont know. have to hire someone for our main floor i think. and were already moved in so its SUCH a pain. furniture good carpet BLAH. i want to move!!!!!
    looks good so far girlie!

    1. Oh man, I do not envy you!! My only saving grace was that the furniture isn't moved in yet, and that Tony's step dad used his paint sprayer to do all the ceilings! Is your trim wide? That would be easier to paint at least. It was so annoying to paint the tiny trim in our room, and after 3 coats it still looks bad but I don't even care anymore!!

    2. UGH! Our trim is wood, too. Well, all but 2 bedrooms. That was definitely something I HATED when I saw this house, but it had everything else we wanted so I figured I'd just live with it, pun intended. When we had pros paint our entire house, I wanted them to paint the trim white but that would've been so much more money. They did restain it, though.

      I find myself wanting to do more house projects now that I've been blogging. Am I the only one?? LOL.

      I see some Bloggers that I love to follow and their houses are so beautiful with white walls, and I'm all, "I want white walls now!" But, my husband's like, "You mean to tell me that you want to paint the entire house after I paid all that money to have someone do it?"

      I shut up after that.

  3. I love painting, is that weird? Ha ha! I love the colors you chose. The Teal Ice is pretty bright, it doesn't look that bright in the picture. But it's still a pretty color. That's odd that they had a silver ceiling and silver trim.. Eh, to each their own :)
    I love the wood color!!

  4. i think the color will grown on you when you decorate her room, i like it. like the gray too!


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