Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hey, remember me?

Wow, has it really been 8 days since my last post?  I am seriously slackin'!

We have been super busy with house stuff over the last week.  Tony and his stepdad texturized all of the ceilings and it looks so much better.  The previous owners had scraped off the popcorn ceilings, which is great, but they didn't do a very good job and the ceilings were left with an uneven appearance.  They now look much more professional.  Sorry, I don't have any before/after pics for this since I wasn't there and I forgot to ask Tony to take some "before" pics.  But on the bright side, it's just ceilings and who really cares, right?

Our dishwasher, oven and hood arrived on Saturday!  Again, I forgot to snap any pictures.  But these are the models we decided on.

1 / 2 / 3
Basically, our method of choosing appliances consisted of going to homedepot.com, sorting first by "stainless steel", and next by "lowest price", and then picking the option with the best reviews while still being relatively cheap.

I thought I was done choosing paint colors for the house, but once I got samples at Home Depot and painted small patches on the walls, I wasn't loving them like I thought I would.  I don't know if they just look different in person, or if Home Depot didn't mix them correctly (they are Benjamin Moore colors that I had color matched at Home Depot).  So I'm back to the drawing board with colors.

On a happy note, Tony's mom found this awesome vintage vanity at an estate sale and she bought it for part of Chloe's birthday present.

I think it will look great in her room, most likely painted white so that she can use it even when she's older.  My other idea was to do coral or soft pink to match the color scheme of her new room, but white is just so much more versatile.  Which do you prefer?

white / pink

While Tony worked on the ceilings on Saturday, I took Chloe to my nephew's birthday party at Elevated Sportz, which is an indoor trampoline park.

Wearing her first tank top of the year!  Yay sun!
The birthday boy with his buddies.  Lots of hyper & sweaty kids in this place!

After we got home that night, I made myself a salad for dinner.  About halfway through my salad, I slowly set down my fork and proclaimed to Tony those dreaded words: "I don't feel so good..."  I'll spare you the details but the remainder of that night, the next day and the following day were no bueno.  Could it have been the pancake batter with raw egg that I licked off the spoon Saturday morning?  The pizza I ate at Target after buying Jaxon's b-day present (gross, I know)?  The second round of pizza I had at the trampoline park?  Or the two (yes, two) cupcakes I ate afterwards?  I'll never know the cause of my illness, but I guess it's my punishment for being such a glutton all weekend.  Back to fruits & veggies I go!

I sure hope you had a better weekend than mine!

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  1. I vote a colored vanity set. Also, is it totally inappropriate that I giggled at the tassles on the knobs?! Haaahahahaha

    Also, my favorite neutral that is all over my house: Sherwin-Williams' eggshell "China Doll." I LOVE it. It's now all over my house, in every room except the living room (which is darker and I'd love to paint it lighter if the it didn't have extended ceilings and I had a ladder) and the kitchen ('cuz a bright kitchen is fun)!

    1. Haha those tassles are pretty hilar. Maybe the vanity was a burlesque dancer in a former life.

      Just googled that paint color, love it! Although it looks different in every picture I see! Sometimes it looks gray and other times it looks tan! Confusing!

  2. shes so cute! i think white will be a nice pop in her new room! but coral is so lovely too.
    i just got stressed out for you. paint drives me NUTS.
    and i am loving your appliances, that overhead especially!!!

    1. Thanks! When I was trying to pick colors I thought of you. I was like "so THIS is why she had so much trouble finding the perfect blue!!" It's nuts! I love the overhead range!! It wasn't cheap but we needed it because there is no cupboard above our oven so we couldn't use the regular kind.

  3. I love the pink for the dresser too!!

    Also, I keep forgetting to ask....I've been reading your blog since I got started-lets swap buttons? :)

    1. Yes let's swap! I'm on my phone but I'll grab your button when I get on the computer! Yay!

  4. I love the vanity! :)
    I vote white...simply because it's classic and could last a while!
    can't wait to see everything start coming together!
    p.s. girl YES paint samples....so frustrating but it's good that you got a sample first and started painting instead of buying a gallon and then realizing you hate it.

    1. Thanks, Amy! I do love the coral but white is just so much more practical. Plus Chloe's not over the top girly anyways so the white seems more "her".

  5. cute! i like white! looks like a fun party! going to one this weekend! we missed one last weekend b/c we were sick!

    1. I think I prefer the white too. You were both sick? Boo!


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